How To Improve Auditorium Acoustics

Acoustic treatments can be used to improve an auditorium’s acoustical condition. Acoustic treatments for auditoriums can be used to improve sound quality and address acoustic issues without having to remodel your space.

1. Acoustics Analysis

There are many solutions, so it is a good idea to have an acoustic professional, such as the Illuminated Integrations team, perform a custom analysis on your auditorium. They can then pinpoint the problems that are affecting your auditorium’s acoustics. Professionals can help you create a customized solution for your auditorium by understanding the space’s problems.

Illuminated Integrations is a great team to work with. We are experts in acoustic design, audio systems, and can help you ensure that your sound system and room acoustics work together to create a great sound.

2. Absorption

An acoustics specialist will recommend solutions that absorb, diffuse, and block sound for most auditoriums. Auditorium acoustic panel is one example of an absorbent product. These panels look great hanging on auditorium walls. They absorb sound waves energy so that they don’t reflect or reverberate. Some products are capable of targeting specific frequencies. Bass traps are needed to absorb the lower frequencies.

Sometimes, ceiling clouds are used in auditorium ceiling designs. Ceiling clouds are basically acoustic panels hanging horizontally from the ceiling. They absorb sound waves as they travel up. Ceiling clouds are necessary to prevent cavernous sounds from arising from high ceilings.

3. Diffusion

Diffusion products are made to disperse sound waves, not absorb them. This means that sound waves don’t reverberate among parallel walls. Diffusion panels look three-dimensional, which is not the case with acoustic panels. Diffusion panels can be seen in theaters and you may have thought they were artistic pieces of decor.

4. Soundproofing

You can create buffer zones, soundproof doors, or better insulation to block sound. This is done to block outside noises so that the lecturer or performer can only be heard in the auditorium.


Illuminated Integrations offers a complete range of turnkey audio and video (AVL) solutions to our customers. We can consult on the auditorium’s acoustics, and deliver acoustic treatments or designs that are specific to your auditorium. We also have the ability to design high-quality rigging for auditorium stages.

We understand how vital acoustics in auditoriums are. Our expertise will help you find and fix any problems so that you have the acoustics that you desire. Your next school play, guest lecture or dance recital, talent show, concert, or other event will sound clear and acoustically rich enough to delight your guests.

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