Pro AV Tips: Auditorium Sound System Care

Your organization now has the best auditorium. The auditorium’s decor, lighting, ambiance and sound system are all well received by everyone. Everything runs smoothly. It is home to hundreds of people who regularly access it, including back-to-back performances. The system is not able to start or function properly until one day. The speaker system doesn’t work as it should or fails to turn on.

Have you ever wondered why this happens? There could be many reasons. One thing is certain. Equipment failure is most often caused by improper usage. They have a longer operating time and can be used by different people than other systems. Too many cooks can spoil the broth, as they say. In this situation, the saying “Too many cooks spoil the broth” is very true. Let’s take a look at some easy and effective ways to maintain your auditorium sound system.

Do not overdrive the auditorium’s sound system.

Overdriving amplifiers and speakers is a major cause of equipment failure. These systems are meant to be used for extended periods and abuse. However, each electronic device has its limit. There are many ways to control overdrive. To control the dynamic range of an audio signal, you can use a master limiter. Signal clipping should be avoided at all costs. This can be monitored with an SPL meter. If the signal levels remain constant at the RED on your mixer/amplifier or SPL meter, turn down the volume immediately.

Only authorized access

Many stakeholders use auditoriums for rehearsals and shows. Many times, AV equipment can be controlled by non-technical personnel. Equipment can be used without care or knowledge. You should ensure that only authorized personnel has access to the sound system controls. You can also secure the equipment/control area via software or hardware locks.

Make sure you use a safe power supply method.

To function properly, all AV equipment needs a stable and clean power supply. You should take the necessary precautions if your location is susceptible to power interruptions. In case of power outages, you can always rely on UPS or power generators. Power conditioners can be used to provide a stable and clean power supply. A power sequencer is one of the most useful tools, especially for non-technical users.

This allows for safe use by safely powering up and powering down devices in a safe sequence. For example, The amplifier should be turned on last after all signal processors. When shutting down, a reverse order must also be used. The amplifier should be turned off first.

Create a maintenance plan

There are many benefits to maintaining your equipment. Regular cleaning and inspection of equipment are essential. This will ensure that auditorium sound equipment can function well for a long period. Regular maintenance can also help to identify potential problems and pitfalls. These issues can be identified and corrected to prevent equipment failures during live performances.

Do not attempt to repair.

If your auditorium speaker system is distorted or doesn’t work, you should immediately turn down the volume and cut off the power supply. Do not attempt to troubleshoot if you aren’t technically sound. Incorrect troubleshooting can lead to amplifiers and speakers crashing. It would help if you did not attempt to fix any equipment. This could invalidate not only your warranty but also cause further problems. For repairs, contact your AV integrator and the manufacturer of the equipment.

Bring an AV specialist to your ship.

Your equipment failure rate can be reduced by having dedicated personnel who will handle your sound and AV equipment. Sound and AV engineers are professionals who know how to use equipment properly. You can train yourself and your staff on the basics if a specialist cannot be hired. You can get training to ensure the safe operation of your equipment.

Register for an annual maintenance contract

An AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) is a great benefit for your AV integrator. Your AV integrator can help you if the auditorium’s sound system goes down. Integrators offer AMC plans that include repair costs, standby equipment, on-site assistance, extended warranties, and more. AMC plans are a great way to extend the life of your equipment.

The equipment’s ROI can be increased, and it is of great value if you take good care. After all, electronics need your attention too. These tips will help you take care of your auditorium sound system and make sure it last a long time.

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