Avoiding social media regrets for your events

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Social media and events are the best way to bring people together. They can meet up, discuss current events, and share their opinions. Event marketers and hospitality venus who use social media to promote their events often make mistakes.

How many times have you saved yourself the shame of being online? Here’s our guide to being a social media event promoter.

How to Save Your Events from Social Media Mistakes?

You should be prepared for the worst 

The event manager must be alert and prepared for anything. It doesn’t matter if you deal with vendor selection, venue finalization or on-ground logistics. Or if you are coordinating the social media push for the event. Because social media is such a dual-edged sword, your event communication must be consistent across all platforms to avoid confusion among attendees.

Don’t forget about our Event Management Guide To Manage Social Media accounts. It will help you avoid making social media mistakes on every platform by providing strategic tips and techniques.

Keep your eyes open with a communications plan

As with all events, there are always unexpected circumstances that can cause panic among your team members. You can avoid any social media disaster by having a logical agenda and a communication plan.

Whether you’re dealing with an angry ticket buyer on Twitter, or an event goer who has lost his way to your venue, pre-planned communication templates will help your social media manager avoid those mishaps.

It’s not an ideal feeling to think that the building could catch on fire. Aren’t there still evacuation drills?

Talk to Your Editor

Minor mistakes in the copy on social media are the most common regrets for brands. Run your social media copy through your content specialist.

You don’t want your keynote speakers or artist line-up to make mistakes while posting them online. To avoid embarrassing social media posts, ensure that you run all content through your editor.

Chime into Attendee Conversations

Your event was a huge success. It would be a popular event with your guests and attendees. Use this opportunity to tap into user-generated content through Instagram and Facebook.

It will give the impression that you don’t value their opinions and responses. Social media regrets can lead to a loss of loyalty and attendance at your events.

This is a great way to gather pre-event and after-event feedback elegantly.

Get Social Media Support Alerts

Sometimes, conversations on social media can turn sour. Perhaps your event wasn’t up to par or failed to meet attendees’ expectations. The ticket buyer regrets spending so much on a sub-par experience but will not be ranting about it on social media.

Make your brand advocates count

Your loyal attendees and the haters would live-tweet their opinions and post Instagram stories. Make sure your brand advocates can overcome those who spread hate and false reviews about your event.

This can be a great way to track your audience’s reactions by asking them to use a hashtag related to the event.

Make sure your hashtag is easy to remember, so your brand advocates don’t forget it.

Keep it real

It’s not social media platforms or event planning that make it all come alive. This universal truth is important for event organizers and social media marketing teams. They must keep it real and not play games.

You can be honest and open about any mistakes you make or if your event doesn’t meet your attendees’ expectations. Responding to social media users with ingenuity, creativity, and honesty will make your brand’s reputation more loyal and trustworthy.

However, it is important to ensure that unreasonable demands and false reviews are not made.


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