Event Marketing Guide To Manage Your Social Media Accounts

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It can be not easy to manage multiple social media accounts as an event marketing professional and event organizer. Social media is where 90% of your event promotion takes place. You are also constantly trying to improve your time management.

Our guide will assist event organizers, and marketers manage their social media accounts using a few strategic strategies.

Managing Social Media Accounts:

Select Your Platforms

While using Linkedin may be the best option for professional events, your audience prefers to use Facebook and Instagram for content consumption and looking for upcoming events. You must sign up for the social networks used by your target audience.

Pro Tip: Once you choose the right social media channels, it is possible to eliminate having to manage multiple social network accounts. You can focus your event marketing efforts on a handful of channels and save time.

Windows that Allot a Specific Time

Event organizers live off meeting invites and clocks. It’s easy to become distracted when updating event details. This is especially true when you have 20+ notifications from previous posts and an inbox filled with messages you need to reply to.

You should set aside specific times during the day to check and update your event’s social media profiles. You can start by allocating one hour per platform for morning, evening, or night. Make sure you are only working on scheduling content, responding to follower comments and creating new content.

This will allow you to identify the most engaging times on your social media platforms.

Repurpose Content

You are likely to have an extensive collection of past events you can show off. Repurposing content eliminates the tedious task of creating new content every time you post on social media.

Many event marketers use social media and email marketing to save time and effort.

Keep a few posts in reserve

It’s okay to run out of ideas. It’s okay to run out of ideas on occasion. However, you can always keep some generic posts for those times. You can then choose from various pre-made posts and hit the publish button.

Small Steps > Big Jumps

Social media marketing can get neglected if you are too busy trying to increase your event revenue. You might miss posting a post if you are hitting all your goals. Remember that even low-effort posts require constant attention. Social media engagement is a continuous process.

You don’t have to create a crazy event promotion campaign. A simple blog share or re-shared posting can keep your social media accounts active.

Keep track of engagement

It is a smart way to save time by tracking which social media platforms are doing well. You can then focus on promoting the event through your social media accounts only when it is nearing its date.

Have A Contingency Plan

Social media can be a dangerous tool. If not managed properly, a lot of things could go wrong. When things turn bad, make sure you have a plan of action or a communication template.

Even though events are unpredictable and tricky, social media can help to amplify the impact. You can avoid the stress by having a solid contingency plan.

Maintain Customer Support on Hold

Our 24/7 customer service is a global event ticketing partner. They have saved many lives. It’s possible that a ticket booking will not be confirmed, or the card machine may malfunction. You can count on your customer service to be available for any issues on the day.

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