We are known for providing the best services in Auditorium design and consultancy. Our expertise is in the design and implementation of high-quality catwalk systems. Catwalks can be found in theatres or industrial buildings. They allow you to view and access the process without being seen. A catwalk can be part of a tour that supports observation but does not confront or prevent the industrial process. You can depend on our equipment, whether you need them for indoor production or outside shows. We are committed to delivering reliable and safe products to our customers. This is why all our catwalks comply with safety standards. Catwalks can be described as a system of footfall barriers, backstage floors and other safety features. These floors are used for inspection, maintenance, fall protection and other minor exercises. Catwalk systems are installed according to established standards. This ensures that employees are safe and protected in every moment of work. A catwalk’s walking surface can be either a bar grating or solid surface depending on its environment. The Main Catwalk, which runs from the stage to control room above the auditorium, is hidden from view by audience members or directly above them. Catwalks can be used to suspend microphones and lighting instruments that are directed at the stage. Theatre personnel can easily access the catwalks to complete common tasks. Lights may be needed to access lights for maintenance, position adjustments or the addition and removal gels and gobos. The catwalk should be 20-30 feet in length and strong enough to support all equipment and occupant loads. Hangers are attached to the structure to support the catwalk.

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