Electric Services

The auditorium wiring position shows a complete plant and structure diagram. It is also close to its unpretentious parts. Drafts are shaped by considering weights, control supply, single line, outfit specs and plan of material. Security frameworks are also considered. Our masters carefully plan every detail of an electrical structure before it is finalized. This is because they require the highest security standards. The number and relationship of equipment to the structure makes them invaluable. These layouts can be added to manuals to allow for future modifications and to make any necessary adjustments. An addendum to each layout describes the system of each section and machines, as well as the essentials needed for their operation. This addendum will outline the requirements and the general structure of electrical systems in order to make any changes, repairs, or proposals. It will also show the course of action for each electrical component that will create a little more structure.

An auditorium’s electrical wiring diagram shows the layout of the system and its conformity with best design practices. This outline will display the wiring plan for :

  • Audio Wiring
  • Loudspeaker wiring
  • Equipment wiring
  • Complete power supply
  • Earthing system
  • MCC layouts
  • Cable Tray routing
  • Junction box layout
  • Other electrical details
  • (Step & Foot Lighting, Ceiling & Side Walls, Cob Lighting, Emergency Exit, Pop up boxes, Power backup)

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