Auditorium Works offers excellent Video Projection Solutions in Cinema Halls and Auditoriums, along with full Dolby surround sound. We offer all-in-one solutions for Cinema Screens and Video Projections. Our systems are compatible with the most recent digital video stream providers. As per customer requirements, flat and curved screen options are available. For all projects and sizes, imported high quality perforated white and grey screens are available. The screen is installed with precision to ensure the best viewing angle and distance from the projector.
Installations of HD Projectors at the lowest prices All projectors, both long-throw and multipurpose, are available at all times. We offer complete layout design, projector mapping, sound integration, and projector setup services. High Definition Video Projection in Full HD Resolution at 1080p with Dolby Sound Setup. Video Projection Setup uses high-quality HD and Dolby specific Wiring. The client has many options, including a portable control room and motorized screens.
Video Projection Solutions are available at the most affordable prices and with the highest quality. To achieve sharp focus and high resolution picture quality, we carefully plan the wiring plan, screen position and projector placement. We offer a high-luminous projector system with full HD and 4K video projection support.
To provide the best Video Projection Solutions for our clients, we have also partnered with many major brands in the sector. We can guarantee excellent brand quality

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