We offer the best solutions in acoustics, aesthetics and sound system design. Sound quality is important when dealing with large spaces like auditoriums. A sound system is an ensemble of microphones, processors and enhancers that are placed in covered areas. These sounds can be amplified or recorded live and then broadcast to a larger or smaller audience. A sound support structure can be used to enhance or modify the sound of sources on the stage. This is done by using electronic impacts such as reverb instead of intensifying the original sources. Planning and designing auditorium fixtures is a big responsibility. Sound system design in an auditorium requires intelligence. It is made by combining sightlines and acoustics with embellishments. This intelligent engineering is achieved by maintaining contacts between the performer, the audience and the performers. These contacts are enhanced by embellishments both on and off the stage. The most skilled team of professionals selects and orchestrates these enrichments. The basic part of an auditorium is the sound structure. The settling and movement in sound system design have become more precise and powerful with advances in technology. These highlights are clearly shown in the format to allow directors and handlers to manage them easily. As they must recognize which speaker is in which area and which connection, the sound framework configuration is fundamental to an auditorium. They are also important for their propelled movements and individual assignments. Auditorium Works works closely with some of the most respected companies on the market, such as Bose, JBL and OHM, Yamaha, Electro-Voice & RCF, in order to offer you the most enjoyable sound experience.

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